To guarantee yours and ours safety, SERLECA "Leader in Legal Solutions Off-Shore" has designed a simple procedure to pay, with your Visa or Master Card credit card, the legal services that you or your company need. The procedure is the following one:

The client must send to our email address ( the following requirements (scanned):

1. Photocopy of the credit card (for both sides). The card must be signed by the back.

2. Photocopy of the ID or passport (in order to verify the signature).

3. Authorization to SERLECA to charge on the credit card the amount indicated in it. Click here to download the model.


Once the charge on your credit card is made, you will receive a confirmation e-mail (to the email address indicated in the Authorization).

These documents have to be sent with obligatory character. They constitute the evidences, in front of the panamanian bank authorities, in order to corroborate that this payment corresponds to legal services given by SERLECA. The charge on the credit card will not be processed if the documentation is not received complete. The payments with credits cards have a surcharge of 8,7% plus $0,95 as bank commission and administrative expenses. To determine the amount that must authorize to charge on the credit card, considering these surcharge, click here.