SERLECA is a professional team comprised of lawyers, financiers and business advisers of various nationalities who are duly licensed to practice within the jurisdictions were they work. This elite team provides services and counseling to both natural persons and bodies corporate in their business ventures and connected matters, from and to Central American countries.

In the year 2006, SERLECA entered the Venezuelan market, opening an office that provides services directly to clients who are linked or are planning to become involved with Panama, in light of the vast array of advantages this country is now proffering.

The advantages afforded by working with SERLECA lie in the fact that it gives services directly, and that the services tendered comprise a full solution to all paperwork required by clients in a rapid, confidential and secure fashion. For these reasons, SERLECA services are the most competitive you can find in the market.

We invite you to get in touch and make an appointment to meet with us.

We have put together several packages with competitive prices that, we are confident, meet the requirements of most clients. These packages may be browsed in the Fees page.