Leaders in Offshore Legal Solutions.


During the next decade, we envision SERLECA as the leading firm in offshore legal solutions, renowned for its efficient, effective and efficacious services, governed by principles of excellence and guaranteed satisfaction.


Bullet We succeed each time we surpass the expectations harbored by our clients, directors and business associates.

Bullet We share a passion for excellence with the highest standards of integrity, commitment and satisfaction.

Bullet We celebrate and foster intellectual and cultural diversity, together with an inherent respect for humankind.

Bullet We value teamwork carried out with dignity.

Bullet We improve our living standards together with those of our clients and associates.

Bullet We applaud novelty and celebrate change.

Bullet We live in a world of abundance and advocate a philosophy of doing business based on a win- win strategy where all those involved achieve success.

Bullet We respect, look after and cherish the environment, striving to improve our surroundings on a daily basis.

Bullet We are here to live, love, learn and make history.

Bullet Humankind is the principal reason of all our efforts