1. Be registered in the Inmigration Movement Section (Record Filiatorio) (Client / Serleca).
  2. Submit the application and official immigration requirement dossier to the Inmigration Authorities (Serleca).
  3. Visit the Inmigration Office in order to get the Temporary ID (Client / Serleca).
  4. Verify the client's dossier (Inmigration Authorities).
  5. Emission the Visa's Resolution (Inmigration Authority)
  6. Visit the  Inmigration Office to get the Definitive ID (Client / Serleca).


All foreign citizens, that approaches the Directorate of Immigration to perform any procedure, must be previously registered in the Migratory Movement’s Section, whereto has to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Present two (2) carnet size photos .
  • Present a copy of the page of the passport that containing the general information about him or (her) and copy of the page that shows the seal of the last entry to our country.
  • Payment of the registration fee.
  • Complete the register form of the Sworn Statement.

- In the case that the request includes dependents, the requirements for the Immigrant’s Visa as a Resident Dependent must be included.

- All documents issued abroad, must be properly annotated or authenticated by the Republic of Panama Embassy or Consulate at the country that issued them, and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Panama.

- All documents issued abroad that are not written in the Spanish Language, must be translated by an Official Public Translator certified by the Ministry of Government and Justice.

- All foreign residents, temporary visitors or present in the country with an application being processed that wishes to go abroad and re-enter the country, requires from the National Directorate of Immigration and Naturalization a MULTIPLE INCOMING VISA BEFORE LEAVING THE COUNTRY. The omission of this procedure will incur a One Hundred Balboa fine (B/100.00).

- One month before the termination of the one year Residence Permit that is granted with the Immigrant Visa, the petitioner may apply for the Permanent Residence, with the right to apply for a Panamanian Cedula (I.D. Card)

- All those nationalities that require a Consulted Visa must present with any request, a VALID VISA CERTIFICATION TO PROCESS A RESIDENCE, issued by the Consulted Visa Department of the National Directorate of Immigration and Naturalization.

- The Sworn Declaration must be made in the form supplied by the Directorate of Immigration and Naturalization. This form must be signed by the interested party and be completed in full. To furnish false information carries penal and legal responsibilities and the refusal of the requested visa or its cancellation if already granted. Under age foreigners don’t have to complete this form, but parents or tutors must provide the requested information, although not under the gravity of oath.

- The documentation must be COMPLETE at the time of presentation, and in the expressed following order. Small documents such as, birth certificates, health certificates, receipts, etc, must be added to a legal size paper and both faces of the above mentioned documents must be clearly seen, in order to be properly received.